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Joseph Rowe

Owner and Contractor

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From my earliest memories of childhood, I have been on a job site with my father. My family and I traveled to my father's commercial job sites until we settled in Hinesville, Ga in 1982. Throughout high school and young adulthood, I learned many aspects of the building trade by working in a lumberyard and working with my father on school breaks. After returning from college, I built and sold my first spec house. From there I held two career positions that taught me the fundamentals of construction, the materials. This employment gave me immeasurable knowledge about the components of building such as cost estimating and the costs of materials. I also gained an important understanding of the installation of these materials.


I then spent 4 years consulting homeowners who wished to be their own general contractors. This employment offered me the opportunity to consult on more than fifty homes. In 2006, I decided to pursue my goal of being an independent small business owner and began Rowe Construction. Through hard work, mastery of trade and attention to detail, Rowe Construction has successfully completed or consulted on hundreds of projects. Building is an art that requires a serious commitment from the general contractor. I am privileged to build houses for families that will stand the test of time and look forward to working with you. 

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