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New Construction


The construction process faces many challenges related to schedules, coordination, and budgets. Managing the permit requirements and inspection details also involves proper planning. Effective general contracting takes responsibility for all these matters.

Rowe Construction works to safeguard your timeline by providing oversight for all stages of the construction process. By establishing policies for clear communication right at the start, we also ensure that information on deliveries, material costs, and project developments are readily available. Throughout construction, we welcome the opportunity to coordinate with design teams. Realizing our client’s vision is always the top priority.

• Project Scheduling                                              • Facilitation of Construction Meetings

• Building Permits                                                  • Coordination of Subcontractors

• Construction Management Services                 • Final Inspections

• Continual Review of Design, Scope and            • Preparation of Punch List

   Project Specifications                                         • Post-Construction Services

• Cost Estimates                                                     • Completion and Close-out of Punch List

• Subcontractor Selection                                     • Liaison between Client and Subcontractors

• Development of Detailed Timetable

New Construction
Owner Built Consulting

Owner-Build Consulting

Thinking of building your dream home and looking for options beyond giving total control to someone else or taking on all the work yourself? We can help. We guide you to act as your own contractor through the building of your home while supplying you with prescreened and qualified contractors and expert advice. The owner-build program can help save you time and money while giving you assistance in building your dream home. 

Read more here

• Evaluation of Property and Home Plans                • General Quality Control and Assurance of Timely     

• Assistance Securing Financing and Permitting.      Completion

• Feasibility Study and an Estimate of                      • Develop Specifications for Your Project

   Construction Cost                                                     • Supervise all Subcontractors

• Provide Material and Subcontractor Bids              • Order all Materials

   for a Final Cost Analysis                                          • Arrange Inspections


With the same attention to detail and care that is extended to our new construction clients, we offer extensive home repair and remodeling services. Whether you are looking to gut and rebuild or modernize a dated are of your home, we can help. We work with you to create a custom space to meet your needs. After your free consultation, we will provide you with a detailed proposal with transparent pricing. When construction begins, we work to provide you an efficient, clean, and professional construction experience. 

• Kitchens                                            • Bathrooms 

• Additions                                           • Millwork 

• Cabinetry                                           • Storage Solutions 

• Outdoor Spaces and Decks             • Exterior Renovations 


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